Sometimes we do not see small things that are blessings in disguise. That tiny creature that attached itself to your car when you were driving was not just a nuisance. Did you see it as a living creation of God? Maybe it had a special message for you. Slow down! Or … see me, the smallest of small, and rejoice in the multitude of all creation.

There is a blessing right under your nose. Look past your previous perceptions and see with the Light of God inside you. There is the truth.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. That would be the greatest blessing of all, to be used by God as a pure instrument for His work on earth. Are you ready? Are you pure in spirit? Does your yearning for God replace your greed for material things? Or are you too small?

We are not small in God. Replace the smallness of your mediocre heart with the immensity of all creation. We are the creation. We are also one with the Creator. Did you know that?

In God we are all that we need to be. Meditate on this truth. Close your eyes and feel the spaciousness of God inside you. God, Goddess, Spirit of Oneness, fill me with your Light. Show me the Way.

Feel gratitude for all that is given to you, free of charge. Be grateful for everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. Each one has its purpose in your life. Seek out its hidden purpose and connect with it. Did you get the lesson? Do you understand now? Even if you do not understand, acknowledge receipt of the gift and the Giver. It is all perfect.

There is a perfect Plan. The Cosmos has an energy that surrounds us, inside and out. That energy is not just invisible, it is also visible as you, the creation, manifest it with sound and light and substance. You are the puppet, controlled by the Cosmos. You have a will of your own, but ultimately the final solution rests with the Higher Power. How could it be otherwise? Do you have the infinite wisdom of the Universe? No. So smile, and let it be. Gratitude.

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