The Fading Flower


Swallow the Sun

Two plays


Mahonri Stewart

Zarahemla Books

Provo, Utah

© 2012 by Mahonri Stewart. All rights reserved. Published in the United States of America by Zarahemla Books. Smashwords Edition.

Front cover: Kathryn Laycock Little as Emma Smith and Amos Omer as David Hyrum Smith in New Play Project’s production of The Fading Flower, May–June 2009. Photo by Greg Deakins.

Back cover: Adam Stallard as C.S. Lewis and Tatum Langton as Janie Moore in New Play Project’s production of Swallow the Sun, May 2008. Photo by Christian Cragun.

For production rights to The Fading Flower, Swallow the Sun, or any of
Mahonri Stewart’s other plays, contact him directly at

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