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Fucked by the Doctor

Maria lay back in her hospital bed and sighed. It had been four weeks since her accident, and it didn’t look like she was going to be getting better anytime soon. Maria thought back to the chain of events that led to her being here and closed her eyes.

It had all started six weeks earlier, when Linda, her best friend, had invited Maria to her birthday party. Maria got all dressed up and ready to go. She’d planned on driving to the party and sleeping over at Linda’s place rather than grab a taxi back. Unfortunately, two days before the party the gear box in Maria’s old clunker of a car gave out. She was getting it fixed, but her mechanic was backed up and told her it would take a few days.

So, Maria organized for her brother Mark to take her. He had his own truck, and he could easily drive Maria there. She could walk back home in the morning, or get him to come pick her up. Either way, she was going to make it to the party.

What Maria hadn’t planned on was her brother’s fiancé going into labour three weeks early. Mark got the call ten minutes before they were going to leave for the party. Mark was so rushed he forgot to even tell Maria he was going, she found out from her mom, who called two minutes later.

As Maria sat in the front of her apartment, all alone now that her brother had left without so much as dropping her off at the party, she thought to herself: “Wow, it’s almost as if someone doesn’t want me going tonight.”

Instead of giving up, Maria texted Linda to tell her she’d be a little bit late, and decided to walk. It was a good excuse to wear flats instead of heels, if nothing else.

When she got there, the party was in full swing. Maria found Linda, gave her a huge birthday hug, then went to grab a snack. It was on her way to the kitchen, when she was passing by the pool, that disaster struck.

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