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Wasted life!

Teymur Roshdi

Smashwords Edition

Copyright2012-Teymur Roshdi

What is the opposite of wasted life?Gained life?By gained life,do we mean a successful life?How can we all have a successful life?

We encounter lot of people in the world,pertained to all sort of categories who complain

about their life. Most of them consider themselves as ‘losers’ by comparison to the ‘winners’. Who are these ‘winners’? The rich ones?The celebrities?What percent of the worldwide population is represented by the ‘celebrities’?Isn’t the life of these celebrities wasted too?Wasted in drugs, alcohol,sex,abuses,depression,some-times suicide?Most of them enjoy incredible beauty,wealth,big family, children,power,fame,success,love and attention,but finally at the end of the day or at the end of their lifetime,they feel frustrated or betrayed. Wasn’t the whole of their ‘successful’ life a sort of pastime?

If all the components of the ‘success’ are just a pastime,so we don’t need to be a celebrity for having it. We all are able to have some pastime to spend our life. For the ones who have access to education, education becomes a pastime:they get degrees in any field or in more than one field,in many fields,then they would look for a job and the job becomes their new pastime,then depending on the opportunity they get married and raise children,the family life becomes another pastime. Then they feel that they have achieved something,they have been successful and suddenly in their middle-ages,they are surprised by the troubles which appear one after another,partner,parents or some relatives,children,grand-children die or simply leave them and they feel alone and betrayed,so they have to find a new pastime.

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