'Computer, anything suspicious going on? Give me good news,' he asked hopefully.

'Nah, man. All clear like, you know, blue skies,' Computer replied off-handedly. 'No, wait a minute, long ears. I think I detect a ship warping in about 100K from here. Yep. Totally. Ship and everything.'

'Put it on-screen. Hail the ship on all frequencies. Tell that Space Rabbit is here'

'Sure thing Man. Done and done'

Big black ship filled the screen. It seemed to consist of angles and triangles that interweaved with each other in very unnerving ways.

'Computer! This monstrosity is giving me a headache! Replace this ugly ship with an image of me during last award ceremony.'

'No prob. Here you go.'

Black ship was replaced with a photo of Space Rabbit, wearing parade uniform and bowing his head to accept a medal of Nebula. A short youngish woman in white clothes, standing on her toes, was vainly trying to put medal over Space Rabbit's long ears.

'Much better. Did ship reply to our hail?'

'Yeah. Some dude named Captain Doomsday wants to talk to you'.

Space Rabbit sighed. 'OK. Put him on-screen BUT make sure that my image occupies the top half of the screen. Leave bottom half for what's his name.'

Screen flickered and the bottom half was replaced with an obese man, wearing dark-blue overalls.

'No mustache at all. Does he think he is a real villain?' Space Rabbit muttered to himself.

'Hello Captain Doomsday. I am Space Rabbit of Galactic Rangers. I repeat - I am Space Rabbit. Identify your purpose for being here and why your ship is so grotesquely ugly.'

'Be Silent, Heathen!' Obese man said. 'I am here on a divine mission.'

'Is your ship's Translator Computer set on Religious Fanatic?' asked Space Rabbit. 'It happens sometimes. Turn the knob counterclockwise, it should reset it.'

Captain Doomsday looked down and fumbled with the controls.

'Darling! Is this better, light of my eyes?'

'No! Turn knob counterclockwise, you fat nincompoop! Not Clockwise'

Captain Doomsday kicked the control panel. 'Your temerity! Your impudence! I've never been insulted like this in my life!'

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