To the two people I admire most: my parents. Thank you for always believing in me and, therefore, giving me a reason to believe in myself.


Thanks first and foremost to my wonderful publisher, Kathie McGuire. This book would not have been possible if not for you and your fabulous team at Brighton Publishing. Thank you for taking a chance on me; you’ve helped to make one of my dreams a reality.

I’m honored to recognize the woman who gave me the push I needed to write this book, Cathy Binstock. Your encouragement, guidance, and friendship will never be forgotten.

To all of the brave and inspirational women who shared their friendship stories, I’m beyond grateful to each and every one of you.

And last but not least, a huge thanks to my family. I’m unbelievably lucky to be related to such loving, warm, and amazing people who remind me not to take life too seriously. My brothers, Jeremy and Ryan, whom I adore more than they know yet will continue to annoy (I am your little sister!); my mother Donna, for always keeping me grounded and for being the woman I have looked up to since I was a little girl; I will forever be your fraughter (friend+daughter); my father Richard, whom I deeply respect and appreciate for all he has taught and continues to teach me, as well as for enduring those long road trips that brought us closer together; my sister-in-law Betsy, whom I consider to be the sister I never had and always wanted; and finally to my grandmother Rose, who will forever have a special place in my heart.

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