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A Treatise on Evil Vs. Good

Copyright Marek An Benjamite 2012

Published by TradInGold21 at Smashwords

As God as my witness I doth never hate Man. I never hate animal, let alone Man. And yes, I do hate Evil. Supernatural Evil.

BUT, I doth not hate Evil.

I do not take pleasure in the death or loss of any soul- nor the destruction of the mere anatomy, that infinitesimal, as well as for this time, temporal, part of a human being’s SUPERNATURAL anatomy or Body.

This TREATISE is simply this; an Overview of Supernatural EVIL, from the Time Best before the FALL (i.e. before the end of the 6th day), till just after the FALL (when Evil had committed its Cardinal anti-virtue; hopelessness and despair through the wrongdoing of disobedient behaving...).

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