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Brendan Parsons

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Copyright 2012 Brendan Parsons

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In 2085, all Dr Josef Hanson could do was stand and watch the Earth die; with its oceans tossed about and his New York home levelled in an instant. A meteor had struck with an impact more than a thousand times that of the bomb which landed on Hiroshima over a century before. Josef and nearly two dozen others were situated on the moon, taking in the terrible sight. Defence countermeasures had not protected the exposed Earth and possibly left Hanson’s company as the last survivors of humanity. Josef leaned on the thick glass shell of the moon base almost lifeless, besides a single teardrop slipping into each wrinkle. Now in his seventies, he’d seen too much life on his planet to feel relief of any kind. ‘No!’ said Josef, ‘No!! I—’ he trailed off and slumped to his knees in defeat. His mind drained of hope. He lay there without the pinch of his nervous system for what felt like a brief eternity. Soon, a shaky hand gripped his shoulder.

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