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In this era of craven, stomach-turning timidity on the part of what is so laughably called the "liberal media," Townie Planet is a refreshing blast of contempt and outrage at the proud ignoramuses, shameless hypocrites, and batshit lunatics who are destroying the country, and all the foaming-at-the-mouth cretins cheering them on. Good Lord, so many people to FUCKING DESPISE!

Paul Slansky, author, The Clothes Have No Emperor

It’s funny and good and harsh and scary.

Liz Dubelman, founder, Vidlit

It was bad enough when the U.S. was led into disaster by the so-called "best and the brightest." Now we have the Republican Party pandering to, and consisting of, the worst and the dumbest. Steve Radlauer sees these people for what they are, and hopes (no; insists) you do, too — for your sake, if not for his. For a polite, empathetic account of the low-information voter, go elsewhere. To understand the mindset of the self-righteous imbecile who, every election season, shoots himself in the foot and then blames "liberals" for the fact that his shoe is full of blood, start here. Welcome, alas, to Townie Planet.

Ellis Weiner, author, Atlas Slugged AGAIN, the only Atlas Shrugged parody you will ever need

What the proverbial fuck!

David Owen, author, The Conundrum

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