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Introduction by Bethany Zaiatz

Tourist by Angela Caperton

Come Away With Me by Julie Cox

Ecce Futura by Gayle C. Straun

My Heart Beats Backwards by Neil James Hudson

Omega by Monique Poirier

Like A River Between Us by Kit Russell

A Man, A Woman, And A Time Machine by Nobilis Reed



The concept of time travel is an understandably attractive notion to the entire human race. It is simultaneously a longing as ancient as any record of time, itself, yet also the ultimate in forward-think- ing, innovative thought. After all, who wouldn't want the power to alter time to our whims? With time travel, it would be possible to undo our past mistakes and hold on to the one who got away; we could freeze or lengthen that most perfect moment of climax with just the right lover; or perhaps we could sneak a peek into the future to see how long our new love and passion can really last. In this anthology, time travel is explored intimately through seven all-new diverse and unique lenses, moving from love and sex in the past to the present and into the future beyond with varied flair from each author.

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