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"Many people I know have already experienced great results from borrowing my copy of The Energy Effect. I have referred to your book time and again. Such an easy read. I tell other people that this information will surely change your life." Richard Williamson

“I purchased your book The Energy Effect a few weeks ago and it has some fantastic information. I plan on lending it and recommending it to all who will listen. I find it so frustrating that people can’t make the effort to try gluten free - they find the change too difficult. If they only could feel the difference it can make!!” Toni

About the Author

Dr. Rodney Ford

Dr Rodney Ford is a medical consultant specialising in gastroenterology, paediatrics, allergies and nutrition. He has spent the last thirty five years researching food and nutrition and how this effects your body and your brain - and therefore your Energy.

His mantra is "Every mouthful matters."

He says "Your body is your autobiography."

He teaches about why we should make healthy food choices – and how you can do this, easily. He shows you how to live with The Energy Effect. His philosophy is to keep people in vibrant health so that they can enjoy their life for a lot longer.

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Introduction: what is The Energy Effect all about?
Do you want to be average?
Food | Body | Brain | Life
Food, Happy Cells, Muscle Mass
Mind, Spirit, Time

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