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“Jesus that must have been one hell of a party.”

Her eye makeup had smudged, giving her the dreaded raccoon-eyes. She reached over to a small box and removed a wipe. It took a couple of minutes, and a few extra sheets, to get all of the makeup off of her face.

She tossed the wipes into a trashcan below and slid her feet into a pair of waiting sandals. The shower was calling her name.

Once in the bathroom, Jess turned on the hot water, which quickly filled the small room with steam. She slid off her clothes and stepped into the scalding water with a sigh of relief. Her hands worked their way over her body, massaging the water into her tight skin. She was careful with her nipples, she had just had them pierced about a week ago and they were still tender. Her hair got washed and once she was finally clean, she turned off the water and wrapped herself in a small towel that barely covered her perky butt.

The wood floors of the dorm room were ice cold, so Jess ran back to her room. She slid across the floor and nearly crashed into her dresser.

There was a knock at the doorframe.


A young woman stuck her head in, eyeing Jess carefully, “How are you doing? You were pretty messed up last night.”

“Oh, hey Cassie, “ she waved her in, “Shut the door.”

Cassie stepped in a closed the door behind her, “So how are you?”

The towel coving Jess fluttered to the floor. She stood there naked and started to rummage through the top drawer of her dresser, “Fine, I guess. I don’t remember much.”

She strapped on a bra and some panties before walking over to her tiny closet.

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