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Cole J. Davis

Copyright Cole J. Davis 2012

Published by Garconer Publishing at Smashwords

THE GHOST WARS is dedicated to all those whom desire a better world.


Looking back on his life; Jason Bowen could pinpoint the exact day it all began to turn around for the better- October fifteenth, twenty thirteen. On that day events conspired to lead him out of the mire; tossing him the metaphorical life preserver to a man drowning in the darkness and the filth of a life not worth living. In the days to come, he’d be granted the gift of his first meeting with the woman who’d come to be the Isolde to his Tristan. Further to that, Jason garnered himself the career of a lifetime.

Now, with a thirty year old son named Ben following in his mother‘s footsteps as a social worker to Vancouver‘s East Side, and good friends to keep him company, life for Jason Bowen was glorious. Thinking back to the days and years before that, Jason shook with the remembrance of the desolation he’d once felt; the things he’d done to make a living, choosing to punish himself for past mistakes, for just being himself. It was sad, the state he’d allowed himself to descend to. Jason owed his life to three people in this world- Doctor Brittany Longfellow, although she hadn’t yet been a doctor at that point, for loving him; Captain Cole Jacob Billington for being willing to take a chance on hiring him; and finally, Marsha Bradshaw for starting the whole ball rolling.

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