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“I see a green light,” he said, as I placed my hands over his heart.

“The heart chakra is green,” I answered. “It’s a beautiful green infused with light.”

He was totally relaxed, as the power of light illumined both the healer and the healing.

Where had this all begun? Strangely enough, at a train station in Belleville.

Rob was taking his 93-year-old mother for a visit with her other son. I was sitting on a bench waiting for the same train to take me to Ottawa where I was to celebrate Easter with my son and grandchildren.

“Come sit here,” I said to Rob and Lydia. “This bench is where the old people sit. That’s why I’m here!”

Rob smiled and guided his mother to the bench. She was smiling too. They said a few words in Hungarian to each other and then we began to chat. I felt a comfortable energy with Rob and thought he was cute! He told me later he immediately felt a connection with me. He was the psychic one. This first meeting foretold a deep bond that would develop to become a beautiful reunion of souls, so deep that it had to be destiny.

“We have been together before,” he told me, curling me up in his arms only a few months later. “I feel so completely comfortable with you.”

I smiled and knew it must be true. The universe had aligned us magically, and it was a bond made in heaven. It would be good for both of us, and for the planet.

I met Rob twice at the train station in our initial contacts. The next meeting was on Mother’s Day weekend in May and there they were, Rob and Lydia, going to Ottawa again on the same train. He seemed surprised to see me. I was happy. We chatted then got on our assigned seats in different cars. That could have been the end of it. I did not even know his name.

Then the train stopped. We are on the track for two and a half hours caused by a delay up the line from a runner being killed as he tried to cross in front of the train. I got bored and walked into the car ahead to sat and chat with Rob. He was delighted to see me, and immediately slid over to sit beside me. It was magical. We talked about everything from crop circles to aliens. He got so intense I could have swore those were alien eyes looking at me!

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