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  1. Finally, she found the trunk release and pulled. Nothing happened. She wondered how long she had as she cried in the dark. #twittershorts

  2. He found himself scratching until he bled, his arms swollen and torn. The itching persisted until no skin remained. #twittershorts

  3. His words echoed in her head, "Don't close your eyes." Had she known she'd never open them again, she'd have listened. #twittershorts

  4. With two broken legs, no more rations & a dying flashlight, he didn't even care when the rock ceiling over him crumbled. #twittershorts

  5. What the audience didn't realize was that the magician's tricks were entirely real and the saws were as sharp as they looked. #twittershorts

  6. "She doesn't live here anymore." He hung up on the insurance agent and smiled. The bound girl on the floor screamed. #twittershorts

  7. The bug bite was more than just an itch or nuisance; it was the first domino that would topple mankind. #twittershorts (featured on OneFortyFiction.com)

  8. The mechanized needle loomed over her, the table restraints holding her down. A voice said to the group around her, "Watch." #twittershorts

  9. It was impossible to fight against his reflection as it reached out, grabbed hold of him & slammed his head into the glass. #twittershorts

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