Dance With a Demon II

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


It's been months since Siela first fought with the demon, Travinsky. Their duel ended with Siela's complete and utter defeat, and had left her smitten with the gentleman demon, such that she swore she would make him submit to her. Now it was time for her to try her luck again. Standing before her blood red magic circle, the young witch recited the incantations to summon him from the netherworld. Lightning flashes filled the sky, and a moment later, a shadowy shape emerged from the aethers, taking on the form of the one who had so delightfully crushed her not long ago.

"Miss Siela, I am glad to see that you are doing much better since our last rendezvous. How fare your lovely arms?"

Travinsky bowed gracefully before her, dressed in his usual suit, leather shoes, and vintage white gloves. The raven haired demon was known to be one of the highest of the greater demons, as well as a veritable lady's man. Siela could confirm the latter for anyone who had doubts.

"They're fine now. They've recovered fully from your treatment before."

Certainly, it had taken quite a while for the effects of their previous duel on her to fade away. Somehow, Travinsky had worked up the nerves of her upper arms such that they had become erogenous zones for her, and had tormented them cruelly while she was unable to resist. For a long time afterwards, she couldn't use her arms (though much of the blame there laid with her neglectful use of her own spell power). When she could again, she had to refrain from constantly stroking them, and certain spells would cause her to immediately orgasm, on account of over-exciting the nerves in her arms. That had been an embarrassing revelation for her to discover in the middle of a duel with other mages.

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