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Cuckolded by the Lifeguard


Annabel Bastione


Copyright © 2012 by Annabel Bastione

* * * * *

The resort was lavish. From elephant white marble floors to orgiastic Greek architecture, it was luxuriant beyond Rebecca Walters' wildest dreams.

Well, almost beyond her wildest dreams.

This would mark the tenth resort she'd be to so far this year. At first it was truly a mind-blowing experience. Now? She was jaded.

It couldn't be helped though, she sighed to herself as the bellboy behind her dragged a trolley of luggage twice his height. Twice her age, persuasive and confident, Mr Sam Walters made his fortune in the insurance industry during the '80s and hasn't looked back since. Caught up in diversifying his interests globally, he'd taken to trotting the globe seeking out new business opportunities.

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