The Magic Meadow


Chaney Murray

Published by Smashwords 2012

©Copyright reserved for Chaney Murray. There will be no copying of this book in any way. The story comes from the author’s imagination only.

This is the first fantasy short story I have written. I would like to dedicate this to all of my friends. I hope you enjoy it!


Once upon a time there lived a small family of peasants. They lived in a little rundown cottage on a hill, surrounded by a meadow of flowers whose sweet smell drifted towards the house on nice days. The family consisted of a father, a mother, a young boy and a little girl. They were very poor, being barely able to buy enough food to survive.

Little did the family know that the flowers that surrounded the tiny cottage were not only beautiful, but they were also magical. In the daytime the flowers looked just like any other flowers. But at night, when everyone was asleep, the flowers would wake up. Dancing was their usual pastime. They would dance and laugh all night until the sun came up. Then they would all go back to sleep.

There was one flower that was not quite like the others. That flower, whose name was Daisy, lived up by the cottage, instead of in the meadow. She would look after the little flowers to make sure that they weren’t seen. For sometimes humans would be awake at night and decide to take a late stroll. Daisy would alert other flowers by whispering to the blades of grass. The grass, unlike the flowers, could not move, but they could whisper. The message would travel from one blade to another until the whisper would reach the flowers in the meadow and warn them to hide. When the flowers heard, they would all scramble to their assigned spots in the meadow.

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