How to Gain the Kingdom Mentality and Begin Living an Abundant Life
by L. W. Francisco III

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IMAGINE WITH ME TODAY that you can live an abundant life and have victory over defeat right now. Everything you have ever wanted, dreamed of, or even desired is within your ability to seize RIGHT NOW. You don't have to wait until you go to Heaven. You can have God's best right now. This type of mindset for many is hard to maintain or even believe is possible. I will share information and revelation in this short book that can change your life if you will simply apply the principles outlined.

For the last twenty-three years I have been in full-time ministry as a Pastor. This has been a very rewarding experience but also a very challenging one at times. I have seen hundreds of people delivered by getting saved and receiving Christ as their personal Savior. I've seen some of those people discover the benefit and blessing of being a child of God. However, I have seen the majority of people who love God and live Holy lives struggle just to survive day to day.

They struggle with the ongoing dilemma of debt, depression, drama, sickness, negativity, lack of peace, happiness and seemingly a roller coaster spiritual ride--up and down, sometimes all around. In comparison, I've tried not to be cynical as I look at the lives of those who may be unsaved and ask the tough question: what is the difference between those saved and unsaved? Please note: I know the saved are going to live eternally and reign with God. I truly understand the spiritual side of this, but that brings me to my point; do we have to wait until we die and go to Heaven to experience the benefits and the blessings of the Lord? Can we experience the promises of God here in the land of the living, or are we just relegated to a faith experience with no real manifestation of fruit? Is it just the television evangelist and big time preachers who are the only ones who can see evidence of God's blessing in this life and tell the rest of us to just hold on?

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