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A Bitter Sanctuary

Dark Night Skies Book #3

by Azalea Moone

Chapter One

Look, a falling star.” Lucius pointed towards the sky.

It’s nice,” I sighed.

He nodded, his arms tightened around my waist.

I leaned back into him, feeling his warmth and relaxing in it. “Will there ever be a time when we can leave?” I wondered.

Someday. But for now, we must stay here.”

It had been three months since we were barred to Chris’s home for fear that Serena would be back. The furthest we could go, for our safety, was the balcony where he held me tight on that cool autumn night, staring at the stars and hoping that could be us—free.

I’d found myself outside every night, usually with him by my side. I was sure being held here was bothering him too. What was a vampire who couldn’t go out and hunt for his own?

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