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Michael's crystals had their fire change from red to blue to green and back to red again. With each change the fire grew weaker.

"Discovery to Earthpost Q."

"Earthpost Q."

"Your father's quit waiting on the Lord. The Occidental outpost has twelve SSTs assembling a particle beam gun. It's Imperial, Michael. Your father set us up. I don't have a chance."

"Is it operational?"

"Yes, but it's not fully charged yet."

"Destroy it."

"I'm by myself. The only way I can fly and fire at the same time is to route the fire control through the forward directional sensors."

"Do it."

"I'll kill everyone down there. There's over a thousand people there, mostly women and children."

"Get out of here. Deep Thrust now."

"Too far into the atmosphere. They'll be fully charged before I can get enough altitude to activate."


"The Discovery doesn't have any kind of life boat. Status change. They've locked on to me."

"Get in a supply drop capsule with a bottle of air."

"I did promise to return home alive. She's on autopilot, so if they don't fire, she'll still put down at your landing site."


"Discovery out."

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