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The Language of Stones

Chapter One – Out of the Vale


The Taiping Rebellion

In 1850 China’s population was 413 million, by 1862 it had fallen to 267 million. Few in the West have ever heard of the Taiping rebellion, and yet it was a war begun by Westerners and finished by Westerners, a war in which British, Americans and Frenchmen all played their part, a war that killed four times as many people as World War One.

And at the heart of it was an Emperor’s belief that he was the Son of Heaven, and a rebel’s belief that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ ...

The Chinese System of Hours

11 pm – 1 am Rat

1 am – 3 am Ox

3 am – 5 am Tiger

5 am – 7 am Hare

7 am – 9 am Dragon

9 am -11 am Snake

11 am – 1 pm Horse

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