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Copyright 2012 Rene Lathrop

Smashwords Edition

By Rene Lathrop-Nethercot

Lathrop-Nethercot Publishing

PO box 912 Derby, Ks

This is a work of original fiction. Any correlation with real events or people is coincidental and should be treated as such.

Chapter 1

Dawn was one of those girls all the other girls envied. She had so much self-confidence. Of course in my eyes, her confidence wasn't "self" confidence at all. She did not earn her confidence. She saw the favor in other people's eyes and translated that into a stockpile of confidence. Her self-worth was built only on her daddy's money and her natural beauty. She did not contribute to either, so it couldn't be considered "self" anything. I would love to claim that I was too good to envy such a girl. Money is temporary after all and looking back on the tempest of an acquaintanceship I had with Dawn, I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have saved the energy it took to beat her. I wouldn't have made the choices I made. There are just some genies I can't put back in the bottle.

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