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Escaping the Matrix

Energy Center Clearing

Mystic Secrets Revealed

Mystic Warrior

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“Escaping the Matrix” is a metaphor for the mystic path to enlightenment.

As a long-term mystic, I’ve had the good fortune to have studied with mystic masters, advanced souls and cutting-edge energy healers. In my studies, I’ve learned that the goal of all mystics is direct communion with God or the Ultimate Reality.

The beliefs and practices of mystics enable you to detach from the limitations of the world and see things in a broader context. When you are able to detach from the limiting beliefs and erroneous thoughts that pervade our world, you will see the world in a new light and “escape the Matrix.”

The 8 lessons contained in Escaping the Matrix are the distillation of many of the teachings and practices that I’ve incorporated into my life and my consciousness. They are simple to understand and require no previous training or beliefs.

You do not have to be a mystic to take advantage of these principles – you just have to be inspired to improve your life.

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