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Peter B. Nagy

The journey to wisdom and greater understanding holds two potential pitfalls, not starting and not finishing.

Sadly, many invest much time in seminars, conferences and church attendance; but know less about Scripture than ever before. It is time that we, as congregations, understand our divine obligation to know the origins and history of what we actually believe in. Since Christianity is the continuation of the Jewish Religion, we should look to our Judaic legacy for Bible answers; and wean ourselves from Greco-Roman concepts and philosophy. Let us not examine Scripture through the lens of an institution. 


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All Scripture quotations are taken from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. Used by permission from God. You can use any version you prefer.

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I dedicate this book to the Lord, who provided the pleasant and kind woman responsible for maintaining a home filled with an attitude of thankfulness, cheerfulness, creativity, peace and encouragement. Without Him and her, this work never would have been possible.








People will occasionally stumble upon the truth, and then pick themselves up and scurry off as though nothing ever happened.

Just as iron sharpens iron, we should study together to have our spiritual senses exercised; so all of us are ready and able to refute contradictions and unsound doctrine. Please join us for an intriguing adventure as we examine some Immaculate Misconceptions and scrutinize a few Great Omissions. Let’s compare notes as we faithfully search together for firm Scriptural foundation amidst all the traditions and doctrines and confusion-Oh My!

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