It's A Wonderful (After) Life

Raymond Daley

Copyright 25/4/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

The shadow falls across the pages and blocks my light, I was really enjoying this chapter so I look up to see who it is. "Hello Joe, ready for me?" It's Doctor Proctor, my therapist.

I look down at the book again and mutter just loudly enough for him to hear me, "What do you think, Julian?". He hates me addressing him by his first name. He's always been very formal, by the book, a jobsworth if you like.

I don't like, which is why I take every chance I can to annoy him.

"Come on Joe, we have a schedule to keep here". His dry mid-western twang is totally out of place here. He's a long way from home, about as far from Middle America as it's possible to be. I look up and shoot him daggers, as a psychologist, he should be able to read my eyes and my face. If he wasn't already getting the message from my very clear body language. I'm giving him the classic "closed" posture.

I couldn't be any clearer if I stood up right now and gave him the finger.

"Come on now Joe, please? I need make this assessment. You do want to go, don't you?" I can tell by his tone he knows he's hit my trigger. I've wanted out since day one. I mark my page, close the book and put it to one side.

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