The Code of Extraordinary Change

by Steve Errey

Copyright 2012 Steve Errey

Smashwords Edition


You’re looking at The Code of Extraordinary Change, a philosophy for putting your dent in the universe.

More than a manifesto, this is a living, breathing Code; a way of thinking and living that creates a tipping point where you feel ready and moved to get out into the world and do what matters to you, and holds your hand as you do it.

I deliberately made it easy for you get your hands on the Code, but there’s nothing casual about it. In fact, I’d suggest that what’s at stake here is nothing less than your heart and your soul, and I make no apology if that sounds like over-dramatic, fu-fu, happy-clappy clap-trap (although feel free to call it that if it helps).

Don’t pretend there’s nothing at stake here

This could be the start of an extraordinary change for you. The moment you stopped waiting for something to come along. The moment you decided to put your dent in the universe.


How to Use The Code of Extraordinary Change

There are 39 principles here, which I’ve divided into 5 categories: Fear, Decision, Self-Worth, Challenge and Action. There’s some cross-over between them, but who cares about finickity details like those.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, I’m not going to ask you to follow every single part of the code simultaneously. Leaping in and trying to do everything that’s in here might drive you a bit loopy, so don’t think you need to implement all of this at the same time.

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