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He was still skeptical, but having come all this way, he decided he might as well give it a go. Nothing else had worked to eliminate his constant, debilitating back pain.

Slowly John straightened his back, preferring to walk into the office erect. Opening the door, he looked around the waiting room. Two overstuffed brown leather chairs surrounded a table with a reading lamp. Across the room was a credenza with some magazines and brochures. Pictures of the nearby English countryside were hung around the room. In the far corner was a red flag with a large black swastika centered on a white circle. Stepping into the room, he closed the door behind him.

A voice came from the back room, “I’ll be right with you. Please make yourself at home.” He was pleased that the man spoke English. Fewer and fewer of his countrymen still spoke the old language. It had been 59 years since Germany had won the war and imposed German as the official language of the entire Reich.

“I’m a few minutes early,” answered Blunt. “Please take your time.”

He eyed the leather chair longingly, but hesitated to sit down, knowing he’d have trouble getting up. Across the room, hanging above the secretary’s desk was a picture of Hitler. Though not legally required, almost all professional offices had one. Those that didn’t were frequently “inspected” and shut down.

A nicely framed map of the Reich, which included all of Western and Central Europe, was also mounted on the wall above the secretary’s desk. If you’re going to be fooling around with “energy healing,” he mused to himself, it makes sense to have as much Nazi paraphernalia on display as possible, to avoid problems.

Blunt turned when he heard Thompson enter the room, and watched as he ran his finger down the open appointment book. “Tuesday, May 11th, 2004 … Two o’clock … John Blunt.” Thompson looked up as he announced, “You’re right on time.”

He stepped directly toward Blunt, offering his hand in greeting. “Welcome, Mr. Blunt,” he said. “Your back must be killing you. I wish you had come to see me earlier—for more reasons than you can imagine.”

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