Nancy A. Collins

Copyright 2013 Published by Smashwords for Hopedale Press

“Is that us, or is it really that foggy out there?” Carol Anne giggled, pointing to the Chevy’s steamed-over windows.

“I’d say it’s fifty-fifty,” Billy replied, wiping clear a spot on the windshield with the heel of his palm. The world beyond the hood of the car seemed to have disappeared. “Boy, that fog crept up pretty fast, didn’t it?”

Carol Anne plucked a lipstick cylinder from her purse and angled the rear-view mirror so she could fix her make-up. “What do you mean `fast’? We’ve been parked out here for over an hour!”

“Are you suggesting that it’s time I took you home?”

Carol Anne dropped the lipstick back into her purse with a smile. “Of course not! I’m just saying that, y’know, time flies where you’re, y’know, having fun.”

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