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Billy grinned crookedly, smoothing back his blonde ducktail. “So, that’s what you call it, huh?” His grin grew bigger as he reached across the front seat. “C’mere, sweetie-pie; y’wanna have some more fun?”

Carol Anne blushed and giggled again as she wriggled against Billy’s leather jacket. She liked the way it smelled in the close heat of the car--like something alive. But even as she responded to his caresses, she really did think it was time to go home. She wasn’t afraid of what might happen--they’d gone all the way once before, after all. No, she was afraid of screwing up her alibi. She told her parents she was going to the double feature at the Bijou with Phyllis Tarkington. The movie let out at midnight, and that meant she had to be home by twelve-thirty, or else her folks would get worried or, worse yet, suspicious.

Her father didn’t approve of boys like Billy. Billy emulated tough guys like Marlon Brando and James Dean, liked Elvis, and was into hot-rodding. Billy smoked cigarettes and drank Iron City Beer. None of which were things that went over big with Mr. Fairweather. And that suited Carol Anne just fine.

All her life her parents had been on about how she was their “little angel” and how important it was for her to always be on her “best behavior”. It was important to be pretty, nice, and popular. They were so happy when she became a cheerleader. They were even happier when she was voted Homecoming Queen. As if being the Homecoming Queen of a Nowheresville like Misty Valley really meant anything!

Daddy was always coming home late, too tired to do anything but watch the Dumont and bitch about Eisenhower. On the weekends he shut himself away in his office and drank martinis, except for when he was out mowing the lawn or mucking out the gutters. Mom spent most of her time getting tranquilizers from her doctor, playing bridge, and harassing Daddy for new kitchen appliances; the more electric the better. Last month he bought her a new electric dryer to replace the old gas-powered one. Carol Anne guessed that appliance buying was what passed for sex between her parents nowadays.

Aside from getting excited over her making the cheerleader squad and being the Homecoming Queen, her parents didn’t seem that interested in what was going on with her life, except to remind her to be a “good girl”. If they found out that she was out parking with Billy Mahan, they’d really flip! Tonight wouldn’t be a good night for them to find out about Billy. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with Mom’s hysterics and Daddy’s bluster.

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