A Week In The Life Of An Overlord

By Rick Field.

Published by Devil You Know Publishing

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Rick Field

I sat down behind my desk, the computer's screen activating as I did so. Nothing terribly important popped up on my schedule for the day, so I focused through the semi-transparent screen floating above the workspace of my desk and looked at the Security Advisor sitting on the other side.

I leaned back in my comfortable chair, and gave him my full attention, which was his sign to begin my daily briefing on the current status of the empire.

“Most of the provinces are quite calm, My Lord,” he began. “It seems that the lead-up to the Imperial Day next week is diverting most of their attention away from both the war and insurrection.”

At my nod, he continued. “Accounting has uncovered discrepancies in the filings of the Governor of the Province of India,” the advisor reported, looking agitated as he played with his dull gray hair. The man was probably three times my age, yet never forgot that he was the junior in the room.

I frowned, and sat a bit straighter. “What kind of discrepancies?” I asked. Usually, minor events like this were not brought to my attention, so I knew it had to be something rather bigger than mere 'discrepancies'. Sometimes, my advisors were very good with the art of understatement.

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