Kept me interested right the way to the end. Well done.

Wayne Scott

Finished your book. Very impressed!

Rob Ballingall

Apart from the excellent narrative, the fast-paced nature of the story and the subtle humour, the author captures this physical element of squash brilliantly.

Julian Beckett

It just didn't look like I was cracking open a first-rate yarn. But I'm ready to admit I can be wrong, and boy was I wrong about this. Sex and Drugs and Squash'n'Roll lives up to its billing... Sometimes flat-out funny, the story includes the spicy bits but also interesting detail about how to make it on the pro circuit. Plus, the novel features one of the worst mothers in recent literature... Mr. Waddy, you cad you, you've written a great book.

The Squashist (

This is a very entertaining novel, and I repeat novel, on so many different levels. Aside from being cleverly written... Waddy seems to have stalked the hallways and byways of the current youth culture along with the squash galleries and locker rooms to produce these squash vignettes... In spite of himself, (Jolyon) is a great character, the kind of son, regardless of the success in squash that any father would be proud of... What is inspiring about this book is that Waddy seems to have created a character that has not followed any recipe... The book has a fantastic twist and turns into a fast paced suspense and thriller. You won’t be able to put it down... I recommend this book not only to the entire squash community, but also anyone who wants to read a really entertaining novel which just happens to be about squash...

Will Gens (

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