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Zvi Zaks

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2005 by Zvi Zaks

ISBN: 9781476228426

Harry Marsh sat on a hard wooden chair and stared at the shifting computer displays in the laboratory. "Will it hurt?" he asked.

"No. You won’t feel anything," Dr. Peter Anders said. "We numb a small patch of skin on the top of your of scalp with Novocain, and the rest is done under electro-acupuncture anesthesia. It won't hurt. That I can promise." The researcher spoke with the firm timbre of a man trying to end a long stream of questions by adopting a definite tone of voice.

"And your drugs and electrical currents won’t change my personality?"

"Not at all. During the experiment, some perceptions and some memories will be altered, but only temporarily. It won’t change who you are or affect your driving or your ability to respond to danger." The scientist, a thin, bespectacled man with uncombed, brown hair, sighed with impatience.

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