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Letter To The Fellas
Scott Johnson
Copyright 2012 by Scott Johnson
Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1

Orite Lads...

I know you read the letter to the ladies and I know what some of you were thinking while you were reading.

DAMN! This dude here don’t want us to ever have sex again! Why Scott Johnson? Why did you have to go and open your big gap toothed mouth! You are married; you are off the market, why do you care if we are getting laid? Leave us alone! I hate you! I swear bro... I hate you!”

Boys, lets have a man to man...

Just because you have a gun, does not mean you should go around poppin caps for the hell of it.

Disease is serious, all you gotta do is hook up with the wrong chick ONE time and your whole life is altered or over. No Cure = No Life.

Again, concerning pregnancy, I am of the firm belief that if you are man enough to make a child, you should be man enough to raise that child.

If you are not ready for that responsibility, make sure you are strapped at all times...ALL TIMES, or restrain yourself from the company of women.

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