Gil VanWagner

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Gil Van Wagner

This book is dedicated to Maurice Wheeler, his wife Rainie, his children Patricia, Mark, and Maurice and all the families dealing with Alzheimer’s.

Maurice is gone. He is buried in my USAF Uniform. I hope this story brings him and his family some much deserved peace.


“We should have had this funeral six months ago. We should have had my father’s funeral on Valentine’s Day. It was the last time he was here. It was a simple thing. A simple piece of chocolate from a box I brought for him to give to me since he always gave me a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Back when he could. Back when he was still my Daddy.”

“He started that tradition when I was ten. It might have been nine. He said it was when I was nine. I said it was when I was ten. I knew I was right as sure as he knew he was right. We argued that point for years. Like it mattered. Knowing it didn’t. It was something we did.”

“He brought me a heart shaped box of chocolates. He watched as I opened it. Then I offered him the first piece. The chocolate covered cherry. It was his favorite. It was my favorite, too. I was glad there were two of them in the box. Quite frankly, if there was only one, he was getting a caramel. It was my box of chocolates after all.”

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