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What have people said about Tales from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD and More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD ?

“…delicately woven stories in the Conan Doyle tradition so that the reader cannot decipher where Conan Doyle’s brilliant sleuth leaves off and where Ashton’s begins.Truly a masterful addition to the Holmes legacy of wit, sleuthing and surprises!”

Linda Rae Blair

These are marvelous stories where all elements including descriptions of settings, characters and plot are done to perfection. The author has followed the approaches of the original Doyle stories to the extent that these could have been easily included in the original works.”

Dr Darold C Simms

As a life long Sherlock Holmes fan, I can say I truly enjoyed these three new stories. Hugh Ashton does a great job in the tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”

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