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Homeopathy for the Common Cold

By Fran Sheffield


Smashwords Edition

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Much like death and taxes, there’s no escaping the common cold. We’re all too familiar with the sore throats, blocked noses and other inconveniences that are part of this infection.

Colds are nothing new; their symptoms were first documented 3,500 years ago in Egyptian papyrus scrolls. The name “cold” is fairly recent, though – it developed in the 16th century due to how its symptoms often developed during cold weather.

Throughout history, people have come up with various treatments for the cold – some of them worked and are still used today, while others were… well, not so helpful. In medieval times, a common treatment for the sore throat that accompanies colds was frog soup. Another even less appealing treatment was to swallow drops of skunk oil.

Even though our treatments have come a long way since then, the common cold is still prevalent. The average adult will be infected between two and five times each year and the cost of these infections adds up quickly. The US economy loses 40 billion dollars annually because of the common cold, while children miss over 189 million school days per year and parents lose 126 million workdays taking care of their sick children.

In Western cultures, most people think of antibiotics first when wanting to treat an infection. Unfortunately, while antibiotics may be helpful for bacterial infections, they are completely useless against the viruses responsible for colds.

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