Gods, Myth and Legend: The Journey Of The Sage

By Robert D. Pomager

Published by Robert Pomager at Smashwords

Copyright Robert D. Pomager 2012

Chapter 1

Long had his journeys been, from adventurer, to guide, to king, he had lived a life few men could ever dream to be possible. And now that his time amongst his people was at an end, it was time to move on once more. Turning and bidding his people a fond farewell, the man known as Lucien Dragomir stepped through the black portal and into the unknown.

However, not all things go as planned. Enemies he had made in the past would not remain lost in the quiet night. From the darkness they reached out towards him and struck, sending Lucien hurtling through the twisting ether. He passed from realm to realm, through one reality into the next, existing one moment in a thousand places, then none in the next, tasting life and death, bliss and oblivion, harmonious order and chaotic discord, all with in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. In the end, it all climaxed in a brilliant flash of sound, light and color, and in an instant, turned to nothing.

The darkness lasted for a while till he heard a familiar sound. Close to his ear was the chirping of a cricket followed by the smell of grass and dirt, then the feel of a cool breeze on his face. Slowly, Lucien opened his eyes and saw a night sky lit up with millions of stars and the glow of a pale full moon. Taking a moment to gather his senses, he stood up and dusted himself off, observing his surroundings, finding himself in a great grassy plain. Though familiar in a way, he could tell this was not the lands he came from. The alignment of the stars above and a solitary moon told him he was on an entirely different world, perhaps in an entirely different reality.

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