1. Choosing the Right Equipment

2. Available Computer Software Music Applications

3. Creating the Sound

4. Finding and Creating the Rhythm

5. Recording Sessions

6. Composing the Music

(Happy) End


Welcome to this e-book on making music for those who would like to know how. If you’re a novice, this book will describe how you can turn your mixing-dancing-dreaming-playing ideas into great music that anyone can listen to and enjoy. The advice given here will focus on making electronic music. It is aimed at (thank you God for) gonna-be keyboard players who love electronic sounds, and would like to learn how to create this type of music, in addition to listening. So, if you fit that description, it is the right book for you.

This e-book was written with the intention of being a pleasant 'first step' introduction to the vast subject of making electronic music, so you, the Reader may focus on 'basic basics' first, instead of being thrown into 'you-are-supposed-to-already-know-it' situation, which is the approach many similar books offer. Please, do not consider this book as for kids though, as it is above the nursery school, and for everyone, regardless of age.

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