Crossdress to Impress

Sofia Bane

Copyright June 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Nick, catch!”

Felix tossed a truly horrible ball of green and orange fabric at my head; I ducked and let it hit the floor. “What the hell is that?” I toed it skeptically. “You’d better not make something out of that.”

We were fashion students assigned to the same workspace this semester. Felix was younger, with thick dark-rimmed glasses and hair that hung in his bright eyes. He also had a girlish figure, tall and lean like our models, and that’s what prompted what I said to him next.

Try this on.” I pulled a billowy evening dress off my mannequin, deep pinks and oranges with a slit up the front. Felix, normally a rambunctious ball of energy, paused from rearranging his fabric to study my piece.

Try it on,” he mocked, “so I could show off my legs? That’s quite a slit there.”

It’s risqué.”

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