(Daddy Sex Stories)

Copyright 2012 by Lacey Layla

Smashwords Edition


Glenna handed him the cold beer and pushed him back into the chair, kneeling before him, her breasts pressed against his knees. “You look so hot daddy” she said, “is it that bad outside?” Bob had no idea what to say, one trip out the front door would prove him a liar. Glenna’s hand strayed above his lap, the nail of her forefinger tracing the path of his erection. “I think my daddy has been having baaaaaad thoughts” she said in a little girl sing song. She curled her fingers around his hard cock, stroking it through his pants.

Bob was still helpless. Every nerve in his body was screaming “Get up, get out of here!” His cock was saying “Fuck you, I’m staying right here!”

Glenna reached inside his pants and freed his swollen organ. She touched the soft skin on the outside of his hard dick and said “Ooooooh daddy! Is this for me?” She bent forward and kissed the head and Bob was utterly lost. He watched in fascination as Glenna sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his glans, paying special attention to his frenulum. Neither one of them knew what that word meant, but they were both acutely aware that it was one of the most sensitive spots on a male penis.”

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