Taking the Babysitter

Carris Pendleton

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Copyright 2012 Carris Pendleton

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“Why did I agree to this?” Lena asked herself. If only her car weren’t still in the shop. If only she had been able to get in touch with a friend to pick her up. If only… She looked at the sofa and sighed. It wasn’t the lumpy looking couch, or the idea of tossing and turning on it all night that bothered her. No, it was the gorgeous owner of said couch, the dark-eyed, dark haired hunk that was checking on his sleeping kids. It was hard enough to babysit for the Summers’ family, sitting in a car with him, making small talk. Now that his wife had left them, it was a little easier. The kids were in the backseat, chattering at her, which distracted her from those lurid fantasies. The ones where he put his hands on her thigh and slowly worked his way up to her damp crotch. The ones where he took a “shortcut” wound up in a deserted stretch of road and pulled her out of the car to fuck her blind. The ones that made her squirm and pray there wasn’t a wet spot on her jeans when she left his car. They had made her feel like such a horrible person, back when he was married and they were alone in the car. Now that he was a single dad, and the kids accompanied him on pick-ups and drop-offs (not that there were that many anymore) it was impossible. She needed to quit thinking things like that. He was sad and angry, mourning for his marriage, trying to be all his kids needed and she was standing here, wishing she were in his bed, not on the family room couch. Classy.

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