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by Anne McMillen


Published by Unlikely Books

Monolith © 2010-2012 Anne McMillen

Welcome to the Smashwords edition of Monolith by Anne McMillen, published by Unlikely Books! This book differs from the print edition of Monolith in one major respect.

Anne McMillen formats her poetry across the page, in visual patterns, using complex patterns of horizontal and vertical spacing. This is an English-language practice largely descended from 20th Century American poets experimenting with Asian aesthetic, and popularized by Charles Olsen under the name “Projective Verse.” (Students of poetry might note that McMillen has, in reflection of her punk and noise art influences, begun to work in a visual style that often breaks with the tradition of Projective Verse, seeking something more operatic.)

E-readers are not yet hip to horizontal page spacing, and therefore the formatting in this edition is radically different from McMillen’s original intent. This volume contains the full text of Monolith, but if you want to see it as the author intended, you really should write to the publisher at to request a properly formatted .pdf, which will run on any contemporary computer, though it will not be properly readable on a portable e-reader. We will gladly send you a free copy of the properly-formatted edition, once we receive proof of purchase of your Smashwords edition. Thank you!

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