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Night of the Witch


Lacy Fairview

Copyright © 2012 Lacy Fairview

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


(As Told By Lucy Ormand, A Witch)

It had been a quiet night when everything started. My boyfriend Jake and I sat down to watch our favorite vampire show. The beautiful blonde writhed and moaned while her brooding vampire stud lapped at her jugular.

Jake turned to face me with a sexy come-hither stare. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head to the side. His mouth slightly agape, hovered over my exposed neck. “Sook – ”

A large weight hit the front door, followed by an explosion of debris as it gave way. Two, musclebound men stepped in and held us in their pistol's sights.

I screamed. Tears fueled by panic burned down my face.

The room suddenly hushed as a third man entered. Black hair fell to his shoulders. Sapphire blue eyes set deep against deathly pale skin.

“Ms. Ormand. You're a hard girl to track down. My name is Alistair Noir. Please, forgive my intrusion. I didn't expect you would answer if we simply knocked.”

My vision tunneled, heart beat too fast, adrenaline rushed through my body. This is how it feels when you're dying, I thought.

“You've given the wolves quite a run for their money.” With a smug look on his face he added, “Moral of the story? Never send a dog to do a vampire's job.”

“Vampires! But we didn't invite them in!” Jake's eyes widened further.

Alistair's ice-cold glare shifted from me to him. He turned his head to one of the armed men, “Slade, dispose of our unwanted guest.”

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