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Chapter 2 Non-fiction

Starting in 2010, Naples began constructing detailed analyses of society as he saw it. Many pieces of non-fiction during this time were inspired by his time in the mental hospital in 2009. He had months to recover, and found inspiration in everyday experiences, which he could relate to his time in the psychiatric ward.

Two themes of his non-fiction work include corporations and socialism.

His interest in corporate life began as he realized that important family leaders worked for a corporation, and grew with the ongoing development of the Occupy movement. However, he began writing about corporations before he had even heard of that movement. His belief, as you can see from the Full text of "Corporate (Surrealism)" is wholly positive of corporations and corporate lifestyles, though he does hold some reservations.

Socialism, he jokes, means "whatever you want it to mean." Seeing liberals being criticized for their socialist views, and hearing terms like "socialized medicine," Naples began a quest to identify exactly what socialism is. He knows it's foolish talk in the modern world about socialism, but he maintains that he is not, nor has never been, a socialist.

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