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Life throws us all curves at times…we expect a life predictable…expected…but there are times when each of us finds our life taking a course we never imagined. Humans often feel slighted…become angry when these curves happen. Never do we imagine that perhaps there is some motive behind each catastrophe in our lives especially since human beings become bored easily. Where would we be without these little adventures? Yet we continue to moan and complain when things happen…we grieve loss…but more so…the loss of our routine. We love…hate…and argue easily…forgetting all the time that those we hold dear can be taken without notice. Instead what we should do is treasure each and every moment of our life…people we love…so that when these curves occur at least we know we have lived…loved…every second of every minute before the change.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Earth

Chapter Two: Unable to retrieve what is lost?

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