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Everett M. Hunt

Copyright 2007 by Everett Hunt All Rights Reserved.

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The lecture of Theophilus Wycliffe at the Green Street Theatre, was adapted from parts of an article in the July 1747 issue of The UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE OF KNOWLEDGE AND PLEASURE, pp25-6. Details of the Bottle Conjurer hoax came from the same magazine for January 1749. Pitus was inserted fictionally into Manuel Lisa's expedition on the Missouri as a practical way for him to enter the hostile northern frontier. Historical figures have been portrayed as accurately as I could, given the research in journals of Henry Brackenridge, John Bradbury, Thomas Nuttall and others. A special thanks is due to Donna Dwyer for her efforts in proof reading and making necessary editorial corrections and suggestions. Also I am indebted to Stephen Disney for making an audio version early on, which I used to flesh out and innovate the finished plot. Thanks also to Greg Hunt for all the info tech for the e-versions and Jeremy Hunt for the cover art.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual events or to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof without consent of the author.



Rohab grabbed Kinar by his coat collar. “Where is he,” he shouted. “I will kill that tardsoon. He has stranded us forever on this primitive rock!”

Rohab went ballistic because he learned that Atoye had given the last spool of gallenium to an Indian boy. He was certain that the wire, made of a rare element, even back home on Oman, was the last hope of repairing the ship and getting off this backward planet. To Atoye, it was simply an accident. He was sure that there was some more in storage. Little Fox was a friend and a talented artist. The bead-work sash he had started would endure for centuries if he used the wire instead of the perishable sinew to hold the beads in place. Besides, none of them knew how to repair the burned out linkage conduit, just one of the things that disabled the ship and stranded them on a high butte in Spanish America. The replacement of the conduit and also the graviton injector would have been of small consequence back on their home planet, but Oman was more than one hundred thousand light years away on the opposite arm of Caleeron, the Oman name for the Milky Way Galaxy.

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