I'm not a homophobe by any means, yet I get concerned thinking that people with those traits may be buying my books under false pretenses. So to clarify? I have little or no male homosexuality in my stories. There is some Lesbianism, however, because I use it as a tool to show women who desire to humiliate males that just can't perform well enough to satisfy their needs.

I don't have women in black leather underwear, wielding whips - well not often anyway. What I'm trying for are women who may not have a dominant bone in their body to begin with, gradually accepting the role as the major dominant role in a relationship. There is absolutely no 'golden showers' or suchlike in my plots. Humiliation and subjugation are my main themes - and I try more for psychological domination than anything else - though spanking and dildo training are not uncommon.

So? If you're a male who fantasizes about being totally in thrall to a woman? Maybe being trained to become a lady's maid? I think you'll find my stories of interest.



As in all of my stories? The theme is the dominance by women over the poor wretches who love them. The stories are:

Pillow Talk


Poor Michael

No Business Like Showbiz

What's In Store.

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