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Survival Manual: Hell Runth Fire

Bemore sits in a chair behind an apartment building hiding from the sun, but can’t

escape the heat. It‘s always hot in hell, even in the shade. Bemore attitude is “Fuck It, I

gotta eat. The Postman gets no days off where fire runth.” The Postman is he who

posts up on the block 24/7, 365; so Bemore settles in for his days work, taking off his

navy- blue mecca tee shirt. To stand there in his white wife beater looking at the heat waves as they raised from the concrete, cursing the furnace that he calls home. In his mind he compares his surroundings to a turtle stuck in its shell, unable to leave his closure. Keeping him stuck in hell. Therefore, he patently awaits the arrival of his meal ticket, a crack sell. Bemore is eattin’, and eattin’ is one of the steps taken to ensure survival.

For the past 3 months Bemore has regarded himself as the Captain of Wall ST., because he is putting in work, staying posted up somewhere at all times, and today is no different. He is the only hustler in this section of his projects that he could see, but that did not mean others were not about. It was a Sunday afternoon, which meant only those serious about their money, or had bills due, would be fighting the heat. The part time hustlers ran up and down the block during the blocks peak moments, which were on the first and the third of every month, along with Thursday through Saturday morning. Bemore held the post every day, some nights he would fall asleep on the block. He worked like this to let the fiends know, “If yall come, there’s no doubt I’ll be here to serve yall.” Bemore’s behavior built up a customer-service type of relationship with the smokers. Making it so whenever the smokers pulled up on the ave, and the strip was thick, they’d holla for Bemore first, and the treatment Bemore was receiving from the heads created hatred from amongst the other hustlers, especially when a hustler’s wife was with them, and the head asked for Bemore. Because no man on the block wanted his wifey to see another hustler out shinin’ him, but business is business, and Bemore would stroll up to the car, serve his people, then go back to posting up with his team, whenever his team was present. This hatred added to the temperature in hell, making things that much more hot.

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