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By Sarah Colter

Tag Team 1

A Simple Mind


Lomian Sanders gripped the headboard, moaning as his partner’s blond head bobbed on his cock.

“Shit, baby,” he groaned, arching up to fuck Kerry’s mouth faster. “You’ve got the sweetest lips in the world, Sunshine.”

Kerry ‘Sunshine’ Sutton smiled at him around the obstruction in his mouth, the ever-glowing blue eyes sparkling with adoration. Devoted to the task at hand, he sped his hand strokes and sucked with more vigor. Lomian came almost instantly, clawing the wood and shouting as his throbbing prick unloaded spurt after spurt of his salty seed into Kerry’s throat.

When the moment was over, Kerry lingered longer than necessary to lick him clean, and, after wiping his mouth with a ready washcloth from the bedside stand, he crawled up to kiss Lomian.

“I love you,” Kerry murmured.

Winded but replete, Lomian grinned lethargically at him. “Do you?” He returned the kiss as his fingers trailed up and down Kerry’s ribs. “That was hot, Ker.”

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